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Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, Cleveland

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Jenny Matthews is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist at Bayside Voice Centre  in Cleveland, about 40 minutes east of the Brisbane CBD.  Our address is:

Redlands Specialist Centre
Unit 19, 16 Weippin Street
Cleveland QLD 4163
Phone: (07) 3193 5436
Fax: (07) 3821 7044

In addition to voice therapy and vocal coaching Jenny provides voice training workshops in the following regions:

  • Brisbane
  • Redlands
  • Logan
  • Gold Coast

At Bayside Voice Centre, our goal is to help you develop your best possible voice that has the quality and endurance you need to function well in your daily activities.  Our education and training programs combined with individualised, tailored Speech Pathology will help you achieve your optimal voice.

Jenny is available for appointments on Thursday and Friday at the Redlands Specialist Centre.  For enquiries or individual appointments related to Voice Therapy of Vocal Coaching , please phone the Redlands Specialist Centre on (07) 3193 5436 or use the contact form below:

Email Enquiries For Voice Therapy or Vocal Coaching

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For enquiries or workplace appointments related to Voice Training, please phone Jenny on 0439 710 366 or use the contact form below:

Email Enquiries For Voice Training Workshops

FEM2 Digital flyers Sept 21 edition-Jenny Matthews Vocal Coach Brisbane

Find out more about Jenny’s story in the September 2021 issue of Feminessence Magazine.

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At Bayside Voice Centre, our goal is to help you protect, repair and optimise your voice with vocal health strategies from Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, Jenny Matthews.

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