Bayside Voice Centre – Forms

The following forms are provided for:

    1. Health care professionals to refer new patients/clients to Bayside Voice Centre
    2. Patients or clients to complete prior to their intial appointment.

Once completed, the online forms will be securely sent to the Redlands Specialist Centre For Jenny’s perusal prior to your appointment.

Alternatively, links to downloadable PDF forms are also provided (scroll to the bottom of this page) and these can be printed, filled in and emailed back to Redlands Specialist Centre, using the contact form on their website, which allows you to upload files.

Form For Referring A Patient/Client

This form can be used by doctors, professionals or other agents to refer someone for voice therapy or vocal coaching.

If you are referring a patient and would like to hear in more detail from Jenny about what she does and how she can support your patients, please watch the video below. If you have any questions, please call on (07) 3193 5436 or email.

Forms For A New Patient/Client

For new patients/clients, you will be advised which forms are necessary for you to complete prior to your initial consultation.  The forms can be completed online and the results will automatically be sent to Redlands Specialist Centre or there is a link to a downloadable PDF (scroll down the page) that can be printed, completed and emailed back.

If you have any questions about the forms, please ring Bayside Voice Centre on (07) 3193 5441.

Please note that not all forms are required for every person.  When you make your initial appointment, you will be advised which forms are necessary for you to complete.

Online Forms – Complete and submit online

Supplemental Forms

Only to be completed if required.  If you need to complete these forms we will contact you to advise you.

PDF Downloads – Print, complete and return by email to Redland Specialist Centre (RSC)