Services We Offer

At Bayside Voice Centre, we offer complete voice care, voice therapy and voice training to help you optimise your voice.

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Bayside Voice Centre, Cleveland

As a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, Jenny Matthews offers a range of services to help you care for and optimise your voice. 

Voice Assessment

A complete voice assessment to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your voice and the areas for improvement.

Voice Therapy

Individualised voice therapy to treat your specific diagnosis or condition to allow for the best recovery to protect and strengthen your voice.

Vocal Coaching

Learn strategies and techniques to help you unlock your potential for connecting with your audience, colleagues and more.

Voice Training Workshops

Ensure your workplace is meeting Workplace Health and Safety Standards and providing the right education for your employees.

Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision in the areas of voice, general speech therapy and pedagogy.

Workplace Strategies

We contextualise your therapy and training for your workplace to recommend modification to enable you to engage with your work and people, whilst protecting and strengthening your voice.