Jenny’s Media Releases

As a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, Jenny Matthews has been interviewed by different presenters to share her story and her experiences.  Hear Jenny talk about her own circumstances that led her to where she is today and how she has helped people to find their voice and develop it to reach their potential, whether that be creating meaningful relationships or wonderful career opportunities.

October, 2023

Triple M Brisbane 104.5

Triple M’s Breakfast host, Margaux, prepares to break the record for the ‘longest voice’ in Brisbane, yelling from the top of the Barracks all the way down Caxton Street.

Hear Jenny Matthews as she talks voice tips to help Margaux safely project her voice, and decide which word is best for her record breaking attempt.


March, 2023

E15 Micro Changes

Hear Jenny On The Impact One Million Podcast

Join TV Talk Show Host, Publisher and Editor Shar Moore, as she interviews Jenny Matthews and other elite entrepreneurs sharing their stories of how they went from Success to Significance, and shines a light on the impact they are making in the world.  Click here to listen to The Impact One Million Podcast. 

Jenny shares her experience of shifting from a fixed structure to a more creative one, and highlights the value of mentorship in achieving success. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights on how to make micro changes that can lead to macro outcomes, both in business and in personal life.

September, 2022

Illuminate Your Femiessence Book Cover

Read Jenny’s Story in Illuminate Your Feminessence

As co-author of Illuminate your Femminessence, Jenny has shared her story of how she found her voice.  The ebook has been launched on Amazon and already hit #1 in several categories! Buy your digital copy by clicking here.

Hear how our fearless female authors have made the decision to step out of their comfort zones
to truly embrace and illuminate their gifts to the world. Their stories reveal the a-ha moments
that drove them to say, ‘Enough is enough. I’m sick of playing it small. I’m sick of standing in the
shadows. It’s time to step into the light.’

* Trilogy of books HALF PRICE for Mother’s Day –

July, 2022


Interview with Shar Moore from The Girlfriend Hour

Watch Jenny’s interview as a guest on The Girlfriend Hour, a show dedicated to women of all ages who are doing incredible things. – July, 2022.

February, 2022


Online interview with Jo Sainsbury from KickAss Radio

Hear Jenny’s interview as a guest on KickAss Radio – Season 3, Episode 4 on the 4th February, 2022.

September, 2021

Jenny - Feminiscence Movement 800 x 800

Featured in Feminessence Magazine

Find out more about Jenny’s story (p. 30) in the September 2021 issue of Feminessence Magazine.